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Bouncy Castles
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Party Ideas

Bouncy Castles

Remember the excitement of your first bounce?

Do you remember your first time on a bouncy castle? We see them so often today that we forget the excitement of that first bounce. I was about thirteen - far too old - when I saw one at Leisureland in Galway on a wet summers day in the late seventies. I had never seen one before, and I loved it.
We were less sophisticated back then. My father had an old projector and a silent reel from Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein. That was our birthday entertainment every year, and how we looked forward to it.

An Easter Treat

Summer is here with a bang. The weather is beautiful, and the kids are off for Easter. Why not give them a treat that won't cost the earth? Hire a bouncy castle for a day or two (special two days offers are available). A bouncy castle or a slide will make those sunny days pass so quickly.
Or invite a few friends over for an informal party and have a clown, magician or balloon-twister come in and spice up the day. Or have a wacky science party, and let the kids make a mess with household chemicals.

Fun ideas for a bouncy castle

Cork is due a great summer - and I don't just mean the footballers. If you have a bouncy castle ordered for your communion party or a birthday, you could get so much more out of it if the weather permits. Here are some ideas my own kids love.
Wet and Wild.If the day is particularly hot, have everyone in their togs and turn a hosepipe on the castle. Have water bombs (balloons filled from the hose) and go wild.
Foam Party.Spray some Fairy Liquid on the castle and turn on the hose. Soon the castle will be covered in slippery foam.

Keeping it safe - rules for Bouncy Castles

Bouncy castles and slides are so soft and yielding that we all think there is no place safer for a child. And we would be right; but some common sense rules need to be observed when using bouncy castles and other inflatables.
Here are some of the most obvious.
Supervise the children, especially if there are a lot of them.
Never let them climb onto the roof or walls of the bouncy castle.
Never let the adults in - especially if they have had a few drinks!
Never bounce in shoes - particularly golf shoes or runners spikes!

Bouncy Castles and inflatables.

Coming into summer everyone loves a bouncy castle or a bouncy slide. And why not? They are great fun. You can watch the kids bounce around in complete safety, and let the adults enjoy themselves without distraction. In hot weather it is great outdoor entertainment. Turn on a hose and turn it into a water park.
If you are going to have lots of kids, or older kids, you could go for a slightly bigger castle with a slide.
Just follow a few safety rules. No climbing on the walls or roof. No shoes (especially stilettos).