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Party Ideas

Summer Fun Times

Summer is a great time for family. Look back on your own summers - what days do you still remember? I enjoyed playing with my friends, going for long cycles, swimming at Lahinch. But the days I still remember best were the days we all bundled into the car and headed off for a family picnic. We used to go to the Bridges of Ross out on the Loophead Pinensula. We would stop in Kilkee along the way. The Bridges are gone now - a natural feature sculpted over tens of thousands of years by nature. destroyed by Clare County Council in seconds in a mis-guided safety drive a number of years ago.

Remember the excitement of your first bounce?

Do you remember your first time on a bouncy castle? We see them so often today that we forget the excitement of that first bounce. I was about thirteen - far too old - when I saw one at Leisureland in Galway on a wet summers day in the late seventies. I had never seen one before, and I loved it.
We were less sophisticated back then. My father had an old projector and a silent reel from Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein. That was our birthday entertainment every year, and how we looked forward to it.

Halloween - its a special time

Halloween is my favorite time of the year. The leaves are turning, painting the hills in a beautiful patchwork. The weather (apart from the last few days!) is crisp and cold. And you can almost feel the magic in the air.
Even as a child I was fascinated by the legends - the ghosts, the vampires, the witches and warlocks. I even became one myself.
That magic makes Halloween so special. We live in a practical age, where children have access to more information by the age of ten than we managed to accumulate in three times that duration.

Leave them laughing

I got hooked on variety acts as a child. I loved magicians, circuses, puppet theaters. Those were the things that lifted me out of the ordinary world and threw me into a world of the imagination, where anything was possible. Books were great (still are) and movies were all right. But nothing topped a live act.
As we get older we get fossilized, and we stop believing that the world is full of wonderful opportunities. But children still have that sense of infinite possibilities. That is why it is such a joy to entertain them.

Theme your entertainment

I had an interesting show over the weekend. The birthday boy loves vampires, so I was asked could I do the magic as a vampire. Of course I could. I wore a tux, and a long flowing black cloak, and adjusted my patter. I brought a werewolf instead of a taking dog, and painted the faces as vampires, wolfmen, ghouls, skulls, etc.
On Wednesday I am doing a mad scientist at a party. In the past I have been asked for pirates. It is all possible. If your child has an interest, why not ask whoever provides the entertainment if they can accommodate that interest.

Crepe-a-lola - have a pancake party

Here's a neat summer idea - have a pancake party. My friend Laurent is the best crepe man in Cork. A native of Britanny, you might have seen him flipping the pancakes at Mahon Point or the Douglas Shopping Centre at the farmer's markets. Now he is brancing into the private market, and is available to give a Gallic flavour to your party.
It is great fun for the kids, because they get to see their pancake being made, from batter to completion, and they get to choose from a wide range of fillings, both sweet and savory.

An Easter Treat

Summer is here with a bang. The weather is beautiful, and the kids are off for Easter. Why not give them a treat that won't cost the earth? Hire a bouncy castle for a day or two (special two days offers are available). A bouncy castle or a slide will make those sunny days pass so quickly.
Or invite a few friends over for an informal party and have a clown, magician or balloon-twister come in and spice up the day. Or have a wacky science party, and let the kids make a mess with household chemicals.

Fun ideas for a bouncy castle

Cork is due a great summer - and I don't just mean the footballers. If you have a bouncy castle ordered for your communion party or a birthday, you could get so much more out of it if the weather permits. Here are some ideas my own kids love.
Wet and Wild.If the day is particularly hot, have everyone in their togs and turn a hosepipe on the castle. Have water bombs (balloons filled from the hose) and go wild.
Foam Party.Spray some Fairy Liquid on the castle and turn on the hose. Soon the castle will be covered in slippery foam.

Keeping it safe - rules for Bouncy Castles

Bouncy castles and slides are so soft and yielding that we all think there is no place safer for a child. And we would be right; but some common sense rules need to be observed when using bouncy castles and other inflatables.
Here are some of the most obvious.
Supervise the children, especially if there are a lot of them.
Never let them climb onto the roof or walls of the bouncy castle.
Never let the adults in - especially if they have had a few drinks!
Never bounce in shoes - particularly golf shoes or runners spikes!

Communion Entertainment

May is communion season, and the bad news is that you might already have left it too late to book some communion entertainment. But maybe not - it is worth a phone around to see who has some availability. At this age children are moving beyond the clowns and puppets, but still love a good magic show. They also enjoy bouncy castles. Some of the bouncy castles have a slide as well, which makes them perfect for those warm summer days we hope Cork is going to experience!
A good idea might be to hold a private family celebration on the Saturday of the communion, and a proper party the following day.